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Mail Merge & Labels

Yes you can use the data in Synergy to create mailing labels. There are a few different ways to address this. You can use an ODBC connection to Synergy via Microsoft Word, print them direclty from Synergy to the default Avery label that we include with our reports or what is generally easiest and most flexible is to create an Excel file from Synergy to be used by the Mail Merge functions in Microsoft Word.

Simply send the 'Customer Summary' report to Excel and save the file where you can find it again (on your desktop for example). Then, use Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard to create the mailing labels and select the desired fields from the Excel file for the desired mailing label that you select.

Remember, you can also create them directly from Synergy however you are limited to only one label size format and a little less flexiblity with the selection criteria screen in Synergy versus the options with the Excel column filters. Microsoft Word offers just about every label size available from Avery and you can filter it with greater flexibility via Excel so it's generally the more creative option.

Hope this helps!
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